Why Use SnapTag?

How are SnapTag's codes different from regular QR codes?

"it’s pretty easy to generate a QR code for free online -- why use SnapTag?  What do you do that the other codes can't?"

The magic is in the platform.

There are plenty of free, online QR code generators on the web. Even Google has one! But by themselves, QR codes are nothing more than a static encoded web address. Once you've created a static QR code, you can not change what it does, or track how often people are scanning it, or learn who is scanning it. 

feature comparison

QR Code 
QR Code
QR Code
Our team works hard to develop the most advanced QR code technology available.  See for yourself.
Can link to websites? YES YES YES
Website link can be changed without generating a new code? YES NO NO
Safe for long-term use?  (will not be deleted) YES YES NO
Built-in statistics gathering? YES NO YES (limited)
Confidential statistics?  (accessible only to your company) YES NO NO
Built-in code inventory management? YES ** NO NO
Ability to generate Version 1 codes? YES NO * Maybe
Language translation support YES NO NO
Location tracking support YES NO YES
Google Analytics integration YES NO NO (!)
Placement-tracking support YES NO NO
Code re-usability YES NO NO
Custom Applications support? YES NO NO
Complete scan logs with full detail? YES NO NO
SnapTag codes are smart- they can behave intelligently according to the situation
Routing based on the customer's language YES NO NO
Routing based on the customer's location YES NO NO
Routing based on the customer's device type, brand, version, or capabilities? YES NO NO
SnapTag is designed to specially handle certain common needs.  We call these applications.
Tracked statistics for web page delivery. YES NO YES
Install a mobile app.  Detects the type of phone the user is scanning with, and takes them to the right app store. YES NO NO
Display a video, in a branded frame YES NO NO

* Version 1 QR codes are the most tightly compacted codes, and require exceptionally short URL's.

** SnapTag's system is designed to help you track all of your codes, and what they are used for. We make your job much easier and safer than the experience you would get tracking codes in an Excel spreadsheet.

how does it work?

SnapTag’s QR codes track through our servers, so you get up-to-the-second statistics on how many people scanned, when they scan, what languages they prefer, and what types of phones they use.

You can also change where your QR code sends them, any time you like. This is much more important than most people realise, because long after your campaign is over, your marketing materials are probably still out there, and probably still getting scanned. Why waste that? SnapTag lets you leverage your old marketing materials to help you promote your latest-greatest thing.

Our URL’s are encoded to be as short as possible, so the generated QR is very simple. That lets you print it smaller, and older phones that can’t focus the lens can still read them reliably.

Inventory management is useful if you have hundreds of codes to track, like realtors do. It also means all of your statistics history is in one place, forever.

If you use Google Analytics on your destination website, we let you tag your SnapTag codes specially so that they appear in your Analytics report specially. That way you can look at all the traffic to your website and see how much traffic a new ad campaign is driving in.

Placement tracking is one of our most popular features among marketing gurus. It lets you create multiple QR codes for each campaign, so that you can compare traffic from different advertising channels. For example, suppose you are promoting "the mega-kiwi-burger", and your advertising includes printed flyers, plus a newspaper ad, plus a bus wrap. In SnapTag, you can create that as one campaign with three different "placements", and you’d be able to see how the bus scans compare to the newspaper and the flyers. It gives you a better picture of which media are delivering leads and what your cost per click is for each ad campaign.

Besides marketing data, we’re working to improve the user experience that people get from a mobile phone. e.g. if you scan a band poster, we want to make it as easy as possible to buy event tickets.

Right now, our applications come in the form of a mobile website that contains either a video clip, or a photo slideshow. However we’re building apps to simplify things like a Facebook “Like” when you’re visiting a café.

We’re also adding language detection support, so that e.g. a Chinese visitor who scans a code can view a Chinese-language video, while all others would get the English-language version.

more about SnapTag features

SnapTag powers up QR codes with a host of great features

marketing and campaign-management features

  1. full tracking of every scan, with reports
  2. ability to change the URL you’re pointing to at any time
  3. smaller, tighter code formatting to improve scanning and minimize print size requirements
  4. inventory management, good if you have lots of codes or want to keep your historical campaign reports handy
  5. Google Analytics integration with your main website (you can see SnapTag’s clicks separately in your reports)
  6. placement tracking, to differentiate scans from different ads you’re running

user-experience features

  1. code links to a mobile webpage with a mobile-optimised video (e.g. movie previews, music videos, product assembly instructions, … )
  2. code links to a mobile webpage with a mobile slideshow (e.g. real estate, restaurant menus, … )
  3. auto language detection, so e.g. Chinese user gets Chinese content
  4. special applications like subscribe-to-mailing list