SnapTag Sweepstakes

SnapTag sweepstakes is a marketing solution with three core business objectives;

  • Build your customer list, so that you can identify your customer and keep them informed about your products and services - even if you never meet them in person.
  • Gather useful marketing data about which of your products are selling best in different locations. 
  • Reward customers, and keep them coming back for more.

How it Works

  1. Customers see your Sweepstakes entry notice on your product, poster, car wrap, store front signage, or wherever you choose to place it.
  2. Customers scan your QR code
  3. Your branded Sweepstakes entry form is shown
  4. The customer enters their email address, name, and phone number, whichever you require.
  5. We enter them in the sweepstakes, and immediately contact them with their entry information by a branded email (that your marketing team can control).
  6. At the end of the sweepstakes period (usually weekly), we do a drawing to identify the winners

Special Features

  • Your special mobile sweepstakes site can have product information, videos and more.  In fact, you can use it as your main mobile website for your business if you choose.
  • SnapTag does not require the customer to scan a QR code.  We can also generate tiny URLs that customers can easily type in to access the sweepstakes page on any mobile phone.
  • We allow for varying drawing periods, e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • We support multiple winners. 
  • SnapTag can take care of the winner selection, AND even provide turnkey fulfilment of the sweepstakes prices.
  • Your email lists can be downloaded by you at any time, or automatically fed into a product such as MailChimp.
  • Offer consolation prizes.  Folks who did not win can still get a discount voucher. 
  • Offer secondary prize drawings.  For example if your drawings are weekly, you can choose to have a second drawing each 6 months, for people who already entered.

SnapTag Sweepstakes is Designed Especially for

  • Consumer product businesses, which have a difficult time connecting with their end customers.  You create a product, put it on a shelf, and hope for good sellthrough.
  • Restaurants and Cafes, where customer interactions are brief, and you have no way to reach them once they leave your shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where should I display my SnapTag Sweepstakes QR code?

  • For product businesses, we recommend printing it directly on the product label itself, on in-store signage, and on marketing literature.
  • For service businesses with fixed locations, print the QR code on your building signage, and on displays at your reception desk.
  • For service businesses which do house calls, print the QR code on your vehicle signage, on the back of your business cards, and as a thank you note.

What happens if I want to end the sweepstakes?

No problem!  Even if you have printed the QR code permanently on your product labels, signage, or tee shirts, SnapTag lets you simply redirect the QR code anywhere you like.

Do my customers have to know how to scan a QR code?

No, in fact, they don't even need a phone.  SnapTag can generate a special URL that anyone can type in a standard web browser, to access your sweepstakes page.

What kind of prizes do I need to give?

Most businesses chosoe prizes that are related to their core product or service-

  • A honey manufacturer might give a free jar of honey.
  • A masseuse might give a free 1 hour massage voucher.
  • A restaurant might give a free lunch.

Generally it's best to choose prizes that you can send easily, or which require the customer to come to you to pick up.  

Be creative with your prizes.  If you run an ice cream shoppe, offer a free dessert for 4- so people will bring their friends.