Real Estate Marketing

Selling a home involves sharing a lot of information with the buyer. Photographs, maps, video tours, all of these are crucial selling tools.

But how does a prospective buyer get to that information from your property signage? Or your Property Press ad, or your maildrop flyer?

The answer of course is QR codes. Simply put your SnapTag QR Code on all of your marketing literature and property signage, and when a buyer scans it with their phone, they will be taken instantly to your website or TradeMe listing!

Your full photo gallery, text, maps and information are all right there for them to explore.

Standard Real-Estate Package


  • Creation and tracking for up to 500 different QR codes simultaneously (print each code as many times as you like!).
  • Each QR code is scannable for a minimum of 1 year from the date it is issued.
  • Accompanying artwork, which will direct new users to the website. This site teaches customers what a QR code is, how to scan it, and gives them the free software they need for their phone.
  • A page listing all of your office's current properties (as listed on TradeMe), and the QR code assigned to each. Your administrative staff will use this to quickly lookup the right code for any property when creating the signage, advertising, maildrop flyers, etc.
  • Scanning your QR code will take the user directly to your TradeMe listing for that property.

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Need more codes? We can customise our standard package to your business requirements.

Recommended QR Programme for Realtors

Agency promotions. Have a general-purpose QR code for promoting your agency. This should go on your store front, and anywhere you are promoting your agency's services. You can also create codes to specific areas within your agency, e.g. seller services, buyer services, auction services, or even to promote your realtor recruiting page.

Business cards. Print our QR codes on your business cards and scanning the code can display the Agent's details and listings directly from your website. Or, we can put together a simple agent-specific page for you.

Property Marketing. Generate a QR code for each property you market, and place it on all of your printed marketing materials;

  • Property for sale signage
  • Ads in property sheet, etc.
  • Mail-drop flyers in the neighborhood
  • Trademe (for booking support)

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