Smart Mobile App Installation

Does your business have an iPhone or Android app?  Investing in mobile apps can deliver great rewards - but only if you can get your customers to install themSnapTag can help.

Our mobile app installer allows you to use a single QR code to install your application on all of the mobile devices you support.  If a customer scans with an iPhone, we deliver them directly to the iTunes installer for your iPhone app.  If they are using an Android, we deliver them directly to Google Play and install your Android app.  SnapTag supports all devices, including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm, and more. 

Key Features

  • One SnapTag QR code can be used to install your app on all of the devices you support.
  • Add or remove support for more devices later, without having to change your printed code. 
  • Collect valuable statistics on what type of devices people are using to scan your code with.
  • If your code is scanned by an unsupported device, display a nice, branded message explaining that you do not yet support that device.  You can also collect the user's email address, and SnapTag will build email lists of your interested customers, organised by device type.
  • Get our full analytics reports - how often your code is scanned, what languages your customers prefer, what devices they use, and where they are scanning from.

Special Features

SnapTag's Smart Mobile App Installer can be customised to suit your needs.

For example, as we collect the email addresses of unsupported device users, we can automatically feed them into MailChimp email lists.  This makes it exceptionally easy for you to track and contact the people wanting your application, and to do it by device type.  You can announce your plans and progress for e.g. Windows Mobile OS support as your team is working on it, and even assemble a BETA test group if you like.

Device version detection.  It doesn't seem like iPhones have been around that long, but mobile devices have already undergone several major generations of change.  Older devices often do not support the features your app needs.  SnapTag can help you deal with this as well -- if you support iOS 4 users, but not iOS 3 users, we can send them to a page explaining that their device or operating system are out of date, and they should consider upgrading.

Just as it's valuable for you to keep track of how many customers are using devices you don't support yet (perhaps Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile)... it is just as important to know which users you are leaving behind on older devices.  This is crucial information for any marketing team that needs to know "are we reaching our users?" 

100% Future-Proof.  Your code adapts to your needs.  Add support for more devices later as you develop for new platforms -- SnapTag will even support devices that haven't been invented yet. 

Let your Customers
Install all your Apps
from a single code
Make it easy for your customers to install your smartphone app. SnapTag automatically detects the type of phone, and takes them to the right app store for their device.

Also supports Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, and more...

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Supported Devices
We support every device you've ever heard of. And a few you haven't.

  • iPhones (iTunes)
  • Android Phones (Google Play)
  • iPads (iTunes)
  • iPods (iTunes)
  • Android Tablets (Google Play)
  • Blackberry
  • Palm OS Devices
  • Windows Mobile
  • Macs
  • Windows PCs
  • and more...