How to Scan a QR Code

Any modern mobile phone with a camera can read a QR code.  All you need is a FREE piece of software known as a QR Reader.  Some phones even come with the reader pre-installed.

How to scan a QR code

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STEP 1 - Ready
Start your favorite QR Reader app on your phone

On iPhones, you can simply open the camera app.

On Android Phones, summon Google Assistant in your preferred way (e.g. by long-pressing the home button or saying "OK Google") and tap on the Google Lens icon (in the bottom right corner of the screen).

If you have a much older smartphone, or would like to use a different scanning app, you can find free QR Reader software here

STEP 2 - Aim
Point your phone at the QR code

Simply aim the camera at the QR code.

Most scanners allow you to see the camera image on your screen, with a guide box to help you center and align the QR code in your viewfinder.

STEP 3 - Scan!
Scan the Code

When your QR reader software reads the code, your handset will beep or vibrate.

If it does not scan immediately, adjust your phone position by moving it towards or away from the code, to fill the display with the code's image.

After scanning, you may need to approve the suggested action, such as visiting a webpage.

STEP 4 - View
View the Webpage

After the scan completes, your phone will load the requested web page, or perform a specific action such as prepare a text message that you can send.

Use the web page just as you would any other, to obtain your special offer, coupons, or information such as event dates, ticket purchasing options, or a movie preview.

Free QR Scanners
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Some of today's smartphones come with a QR Code reader pre-installed, but many still require you to install one. Have a look at our list and pick the one that's right for you...

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