What is a QR code?

What is a QR Code?

A Quick Response (QR) code is a special kind of barcode that you can scan with any modern smartphone. 

Scanning a QR code makes it easy to access information, and can connects you with useful information, coupons and special offers, and much more.  It makes using a smartphone faster and much more powerful.

What makes SnapTag's dynamic QR Codes special?

Just like a regular "static" QR code, SnapTag's QR Codes are based 100% approved technical standards, and can be scanned by any regular QR code scanning device.

However SnapTag's platform intercepts and intelligently processes each scan automatically.  This enables us to provide a huge range of powerful features that a standard QR code alone cannot give you.

The most important advantages are -

  1. SnapTag codes are Changeable.  At any time, you can change what your code does.  Want to run a special on TradeMe?  Link your customers there for a week instead of your regular site.  Running a concert, or need to make a special announcement?  Link your users to EventFinder, or display a special message.  You can change your codes anytime and as often as you like, without having to re-print a single poster or business card.
  2. SnapTag codes are Trackable.  We provide full logging and graphical reports, so that you can tell how successful your marketing campaign is.  Find out who is scanning it, when, where they are located, and what languages they prefer.  Using this effective will also allow you to tell which print advertising methods work best.  Compare your posters, flyers, business cards, newspaper and magazine ads to see which are giving you the best value.
  3. SnapTag codes are Programmable.  Most QR codes can only show a website or perform a very simple task.  SnapTag codes can do very specialised tasks, such as...
    1. display driving directions to a location you choose
    2. install a mobile application, automatically choosing the right one for the phone the user is holding
    3. provide multi-lingual content depending on the language of the user
    4. and much more...
  4. SnapTag codes can be Printed Smaller.  QR codes grow in size depending on the amount of data that you store in them.  So if you want to send someone to a website address like http://www.welcometoourcompany.com, you will need to printing a larger code.  This can become a real problem when your web URL becomes longer, and directs someone to a photo gallery, a TradeMe listing, or an EventFinder page.  SnapTag's codes are specially compressed so that the codes stay very small no matter how long your web URLs are.
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