Track Every Scan, with Full Reporting

Every scan is tracked and logged, so you know exactly how and when your codes are being used.  SnapTag even supports Placement Tracking, so you can tell out exactly which of your advertising channels your enquiries are coming from. 

Specifically, SnapTag tracks;

  • Exactly when your code is scanned
  • What type of phone or device was used
  • The language preferences of the phone
  • The geographic location in which the code was scanned

All of this information is readily available in your SnapTag activity reports.

Full Charts and Reports on Activity and Demographics

SnapTag now has charting and reporting capabilities, at the Account, Company, and Campaign levels.  See how busy your Campaigns are, and which Company is getting the most activity.  At the Campaign level, view a graph of your scans over time to see exactly how your Campaign is doing and learn what tactics and advertising locations give you the best exposure.