Dynamic & Reusable Codes

Make your marketing mobile.  What your marketing team is promoting today is rarely the same thing as what they will be promoting promoting next month.  Customers, products, and markets change and marketing campaigns are continually adapting to those realities.

SnapTag codes can be changed at any time, and for any reason, whether temporary or permanent.  You can redirect, disable, or change the services and applications on any SnapTag code, whenever you like, without reprinting a single piece of artwork.

Make each ad placement an investment by ensuring that you can generate useful leads from each ad not just now, but long into the future. 

This type of technology is known in the industry as forward codes, or redirectable codes.

Maximize your Advertising Value

When you print a QR code, it tends to hang around for a very long time after your campaign is finished.  And people still scan it!  Why waste those scans, when you have customers interested in your products and services?

Imagine if you could effectively focus your entire history of printed advertising expense-

  • Yellow pages
  • Magazines
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Business cards
  • Product packaging

SnapTag enables you to harnass all of that long-running advertising, and focus it on your current campaign efforts. 

Produce Permanent, Reusable Signage

In certain scenarios it makes sense to have a piece of quality, permanent signage, but which needs to be moveable and able to promote different things.

The best example here is real-estate signage.  SnapTag allows you to pluck that expensive FOR SALE sign from one property, and move it to another, while reprogramming its SnapTag QR code to promote that new property.