Top SnapTag Features

SnapTag is a powerful platform with incredible features that regular QR codes can't offer.
See what SnapTag codes can do...

What Makes SnapTag Codes Special?

  • Track Every Scan - including when and where it was scanned, evern what device was used and the language the customer prefers.
  • Choose what Action you'd like the code to peform when scanned
    • Display any website
    • Display a map using the phone's native mapping application
    • Show driving directions
    • Dial a phone number
    • Device-sensitive actions.  Perform special actions depending on the type of device that scanned the code.
    • Language-sensitive actions.  Perform a different action depending on the language of the person who scanned the code.
  • Re-purpose a code any time you like.
  • Track different placements of the same code separately.
  • Superior scanning and printing.
  • Advanced code generator.  Choose the size of the code and the level of error correction it supports. 

About the SnapTag Administration Platform

Not only are SnapTag codes the most powerful in the industry, you also get full access to the SnapTag administration system.  Manage your codes, view reports, generate new codes & send them to your printer or advertising bureau. 
Everything is at your fingertips.

  • Full Inventory Management
  • Full Reporting across all of your codes, campaigns, companies, and accounts.
  • Ability to run unlimited Campaigns from a single account.
  • Ability to run unlimited Companies from a single account.
  • Ability to manage other sub-Accounts, in reseller mode.
  • Search your entire account for quick access to campaigns & companies
    • Resellers can even search across their sub-accounts

Track Every Scan

Know which of your codes gets scanned, and when. Learn what languages your customers prefer, and what mobile devices they use.

Using SnapTag's unique placement technology, you can even determine where your code was scanned.

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Re-purpose Codes at Any Time & as Often as You Like

Change what any SnapTag code does, any time you want, even long after a campaign has been printed and deployed.

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Print Smaller, More Scannable QR Codes

SnapTag's codes are highly compressed so that you can print them smaller than other codes.

Our generator produces a wide range of QR code sizes, and supports all levels of error correction.

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Deliver Mobile Content

SnapTag ties directly into our Miru publishing system, so you can deliver content your mobile phone users will love. Videos, slideshows, text, iconic menus, facebook fan pages, the works...

See our demonstration area for examples of how SnapTag codes are used.

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"...Mobile technology is on the tipping point and QR barcodes are the gateway to endless possibilities. QR scanning has drastically risen by 1400% since Q3 2010!

"Users are using their Smartphones to scan QR barcodes more than ever to receive information, enter contests, receive coupons, make payments, and even make donations.

"What will they do next?"

QR Code Trend Report,
Q3 2011