The SnapTag Playground

Play around with our live demonstrations of the many ways SnapTag can help your business communicate and promote. Each example shows screenshots, and a live QR code that you can scan to test the code in action.

Display a Mobile Website

DEMO: Provide your customers with up-to-date info from your mobile website, no matter where they are

DEMO: Link your advertisements to more information, to smooth the sales process.

Display a Video

SnapTag can present a custom-styled mobile website, which hosts your online video.

DEMO: Put wine-tasting notes on your vintage wine bottle

DEMO: Add product information to every package

DEMO: Show customers how to use or cook with your product

DEMO: Show a music video from your band poster or CD.

More uses;

  • Show a marketing video
  • Customer testimonials
  • A movie preview for your movie poster
  • Music video for your band poster

Install a Smartphone application

DEMO: Install a smartphone application automatically for multiple device types (iPhone, Android, etc.)

Sell your car (or house)

DEMO: link from your car signage to TradeMe, so people can see the details

More fun demos