Supercharge your Business Marketing

QR codes let you take all of your normal printed marketing materials -- product packaging, flyers, newspaper ads, billboards, direct mail pieces, window posters, business cards -- and turn them into trackable marketing campaigns.

Engage your customers by taking them directly from your poster to a product video, or an online ordering page -- and you can keep track of exactly how many people are scanning your QR code for each campaign individually.

QR codes let you connect with your customers in new ways you never thought possible.
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SnapTag's Business Services

SnapTag offers a full range of QR Code services for your business.

  • General marketing
  • Industry-specific Solutions
  • Branded QR Codes
  • Code allocation
    • Inventory Management
  • Printing
    • Including non-paper mediums
    • Presenting your Code
  • Deployment
  • Scan tracking
  • Request handling

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SnapTag offers specialized QR code services for these industries;

"...Mobile technology is on the tipping point and QR barcodes are the gateway to endless possibilities. QR scanning has drastically risen by 1400% since Q3 2010!

"Users are using their Smartphones to scan QR barcodes more than ever to receive information, enter contests, receive coupons, make payments, and even make donations.

"What will they do next?"

QR Code Trend Report,
Q3 2011