Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices

Some sage advice on how to get the most out of your SnapTag QR codes.

Clearly state what the QR code does

Why should someone scan the code - what exactly will it do for them?  Many companies print a QR code on signs & packaging without so much as a hint as to what scanning the code will do. 

e.g. Scan this code for driving directions

e.g. Scan the QR code to 'Like' us on Facebook

This is especially important because SnapTag QR codes can do a lot of different things - display a webpage, install a smartphone app, show driving directions, dial a phone number...

Be consistent in the behavior of the QR code

Once you've established the behavior for the code, be consistent with your programming.

SnapTag QR codes are very powerful and easily programmed, so it's tempting to complicate the situation and try to make a "useful result" for every action.  The problem with that thinking is that if you deliver something other than the user expects, they are likely to think the code is broken.

As an example, suppose you're using one of SnapTag's programmable codes to install your great Smartphone App. You configure it to detect the type of device the user has scanned with, and then take an appropriate action-

  1. iPhones, iPads, iPods - take them to the iTunes store
  2. Androids - take them to the Play store
  3. Anything else - take them to my website homepage

If your customers are expecting an app to install, then users that fall under rule #3 (e.g. Blackberry users, Palm users, Windows mobile users) will get an unexpected result.

Instead of taking them to your website homepage, take them to a special webpage which explains that their device is not yet supported, and offers some alternatives.